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Type 2 General Housing tie

Universal wall starter

Type 4 General Housing tie

Unifix Wall Starter System

Type 2 General Housing Ties

Type 4 General Housing Ties

Double Triangular Ties

Available in 200mm and 225mm x 250mm stainless steel only. Suitable for masonry cavities in domestic housing up to 2 storeys.

Dedicated To Supporting Builder's Merchants

Manufactured from stainless steel, available in  200mm, 225mm, 250mm & 300mm


Available in 200mm, 225mm and 250mm. This tie is made from heavier gauge stainless steel than the type 4 housing ties and are also available in bags of 30 with universal insulation retaining clips. Suitable for domestic dwellings and small commercial buildings up to 3 storeys.

Insulation Retaining Disc

Flat Ties - Safe Ended

Debonding Sleeves

Used to retain loose insulation in cavity walls. Universal fitting suits butterfly ties and double triangular ties, specify vertical twist type if required. 56mm diameter.

Manufactured from stainless steel or galvanised mild steel, available in 200mm, 225mm and 250mm lengths


Available in 100mm  and 150mm lengths. Will also fit standard frame ties and all safe end/ plain end ties.

Starter Tie

This tie is quick and simple to install. It is suitable for use in brickwork and blockwork of up to 3 storeys or 8 metres in height and meets the technical requirements of the NHBC. Supplied complete with an 8mm nylon wall plug, the Starter Tie is fixed into the existing wall at an angle of 30° to the horizontal and bent into the bed joints of the new brickwork. Ties should be fixed at 225mm vertical centres and be central to each leaf of the new wall.



These ties are similar to the starter tie and are suitable for cavities up to 75mm.

Cavity Tie


Screw-In Frame Tie

Yellow passivated general purpose screw-in frame tie.


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