Valley Troughs

Fibre Glass Valley Troughs

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Valley Trough             360mm x 3m       

A Valley Trough is a narrow valley trough for use with single lap tiles in limited applications. The valleys incorporate a 35mm sanded strip for the mortar adhesion.


At least durable as lead

Similar in appearance to lead

Less prone to theft

Quick to install

UV light and acid rain resistant

Fibre Glass Bonding Gutter

3 metre secret gutter (bonding gutter).

Fibre glass bonding Gutters provide a waterproof seal between the adjacent roofs of terraced houses or where a new roof needs to join an existing roof. The gutter can join any combination of slates, double lap or interlocking tiles with minimal disturbance to the adjacent roof. The design ensures there is a minimum kick up of the slates. There is a 50mm wide sanded strip for mortar retention.

Dedicated To Supporting Builder's Merchants

3 Metre Abutment Soaker

Abutment Soakers provide weatherproof protection between a pitched roof and a vertical wall abutment.  They are available lipped for fixing directly into the wall or unlipped for use with a separate flashing band.  Manufactured in GRP,  they are a tough and long lasting alternative to lead, and are cheaper, quicker to install and less prone to vandalism and theft. The bonded 25mm sanded strip give maximum mortar adhesion and the two water bars along the horizontal section prevent moisture entering the roof space.

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