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Stucanet Lath

Stucanet is a panel made from a galvanised or stainless steel welded wire mesh into which a moisture absorbent sheet of chip paper is interwoven. The chip paper assists with the wet adhesion and curing of the mortar and the perforations allow the mortar to perfectly bond around the steel wires, resulting in form anchoring of the mortar.


Stucanet is suitable for all types of plasterwork and rendering in interior and exterior applications: gypsum, lime, lime-cement and cement mortars can be used. The plaster or render can be applied manually by hand and also by mechanical mortar spray techniques.


Stucanet is easy to install, and can be used on solid substrates and on supporting structures such as timber or metal frame profiles.

Bekaert Stucanet is easy to process and can be used in a wide variety of applications.


Quick and easy installation on every substrate or supporting structure

Stucanet panels are light and flexible, and therefore easy to move, also on hard to reach areas, e.g. ceilings. Furthermore, Stucanet is easy to cut, bend and fix, thereby ensuring smooth and fast processing.


Flexible panels for convenient use






Stucanet is easy to install, both on solid substrates, e.g of masonry or concrete, and on supporting structures, e.g of timber frame or metal profiles, using commercially available plugs, screws, hooks or clips.


Both on level substrates and on supporting structures




Stucanet can be plastered and rendered both manually by hand application or mechanically using spray techniques. Typically, a total layer thickness of 20mm is used. For more specific information please refer to the plaster or render manufacturers' recommendations.


Both manual and mechanical plastering




Bekaert Stucanet is both light (typically 1 to 1.5 kg /m², depending on the type) and strong.  The panels are made up of welded low carbon steel wires with outstanding tensile strength and zinc protection   (alternatively , Stucanet is also available in stainless steel).


Extremely light and strong




The perforations in the moisture absorbent chip paper allow optimal bonding of the mortar around the steel wires, thereby ensuring excellent mechanical anchoring.

Excellent bonding thanks to perforations




In exterior applications, Stucanet is less sensitive to thermal expansion and temperature variations than expanded metal lathing, thanks to its wire structure. It offers better protection against tears and cracks in facade and exterior plasterwork in general.


Durable, also in exterior applications





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