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Universal Ridge Kit System
  • Universal ridge fixing system
  • Unique jointing system for ultimate versatility
  • Accommodates more known ridge tiles than any other system
  • Can be used with both half round and angled ridges
  • Dry fix is the fastest way to install ridge tiles
  • No wet trades needed
  • Smooth line providing a discreet appearance



Dry fix ridge systems speed on-site installation.


They eliminate the need to carry mortar to the top of the roof making ridge installation easier, quicker and safer.


suitable for use with both curved and angular ridges.


It accommodates more ridge tiles than any other system.


Union strip and cap are available in black or mortar grey.


  • 6m Dry Ridge Roll Out Tray
  • 13 Dry Ridge Union Strips
  • 13 Dry Ridge Caps
  • 13 Dry Ridge Brackets


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