The Rhinoplast range of Gas Barrier Systems has been designed to provide a complete solution to the problems associated with construction on land associated with a range of hazardous gasses, when installed in accordance with the relevant codes of practice.


Rhinoplast Gas Barrier Systems


We offer a ''pre pour'' inspection service to ensure correct installations and detailing.

These barriers are designed to protect structures and inhabitants from the effects of these gasses. They will also act as damp-proof membranes where applicable and are intended to last the life time of the building. All of our membranes can be welded.


With the increase in awareness of such gasses, along with more and more stringent requirements, it is becoming more and more important for contractors to use '' fit for purpose materials'' in the secure knowledge that they will perform satisfactorily.


As pressure mounts on the construction industry to build on " Brown Field Sites " the demand for these products is increasing daily.



It is requirement of National Planning Policy Framework and Building Regulations Approved Document C, that where the proposed structure is at risk from gas contaminated land, the developer must carry out a risk assessment for submission to the local planning authority.

The types of ground gasses commonly encountered are:

Radon Gas

A colourless, odourless naturally occurring radioactive gas. This gas is prevalent in granite areas but can occur almost anywhere. Granite is naturally rich in uranium. It is widely held that exposure to Radon Gas is a major cause of lung cancer.


Methane Gas


A colourless gas formed by the decomposition of organic material. The gas is flammable and potentially explosive even in relatively low concentrations. This gas is common on or near landfill sites, mining areas etc. This gas becomes explosive at concentrations of 5% subject to an ignition source.

Carbon Dioxide

A colourless gas which in sufficient concentrations can cause asphyxiation. Often associated with landfill areas it is formed by the oxidisation of carbon.



A range of hazardous substances often associated with the petrochemical industry. Typically found in disused petrol stations and industrial sites.

Assessing the risk:

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The primary method of protection to the structure is by way of a complete ''footprint'' membrane system combines with underfloor passive venting. The key to a successful outcome is installation. The best membranes poorly installed are likely to fail.


The Rhinoplast range includes pre-formed details and tapes to facilitate this. Where necessary we will provide on-site advice and training to ensure a successful outcome.

 Rhinoplast IAB Certificate

Radon Protection Requirements

Our Gas Barrier Installation Guide

Gas Barrier Installation Drawings

Principal Building Products Guidance for construction on gas contaminated land and installation guidelines for Gas Barrier Systems.

Through-wall detail No.4

System Membranes

Rhinoplast Evolution P-A

The Rhinoplast Evolution PA pre-applied fully bonded waterproofing gas barrier membrane incorporates a sealing layer of the Evolution BS8485 compliant gas membrane, that is a hydrostatic resistant waterproofing layer, combined with a bonding mechanism layer made up of a heavy-duty virgin polypropylene geotextile providing a fully concrete bonded system.

Standard roll size: 1.65m x 30mtr

Colours: Purple / Grey

Thickness: 1.9mm

Rhinoplast Ultra Radon

A monolithic LDPE  barrier designed primarily for use with Radon gas. Fully Radon gas tested and approved by NSAI (IAB) Meets the requirements of BRE211.

Standard roll size: 4 x 20m

Colours: Red or Grey

Thickness: 300mu (1200 gge)

 Rhinoplast IAB Certificate

Rhinoplast 400 Extra Radon Barrier

  • To prevent the ingress of radon in both basic and full radon protection areas.
  • Positioned within the ground floor construction
  • Robust to install above and below structural floor
  • Suitable for ‘line-out’ installations to blanket the entire footprint of the building and reduce joints


Standard roll size: 4 x 20m

Colours: Green

Thickness: 400mu (1600gge)

Rhinoplast Super

A monolithic hybrid co-polymer barrier giving excellent performance. Fully tested for Radon, Methane and C02. Approved by NSAI (IAB) Exceeds the requirements of BRE211. Complies with NHBC Amber 1 installations. CS2 dependant on construction type.

Standard roll size: 4 x 20m

colour: Yellow

Thickness: 375mu (1500 gge)

 Rhinoplast IAB Certificate

Rhinoplast Amber 2000

A monolithic LDPE barrier. Excellent strength and puncture resistance. Exceeds the requirements of BRE211. Complies with NHBC Amber 1 installations. CS2 dependant on construction type.

Standard roll size: 4 x 12.5m

Colour: Light Grey

Thickness: 500mu (2000 gge)


Rhinoplast TGB ( Total Gas Barrier )

Excellent gas resistant properties due to the integral aluminium foil. Laminated construction includes reinforcing mesh to improve tear propagation. Designed as a high performance barrier for all applications except hydrocarbon liquids.

Complies fully with BS8485: 2015 Amber 2 table 7. Single wound (no folds).

CS2/CS3 & Amber 2.


Standard roll size: 2 x 50m

Colour: Gold & Black

Rhinoplast Evolution Gas Barrier

Rhinoplast Evolution is a high specification co-extruded multi-layer barrier specifically developed for use on construction sites contaminated by Volatile Organic Compounds, Hydrocarbons and other ground gasses such as Methane, Radon and C02.


The product is 14 layers and contains 2 layers of gas barrier polymer (EVOH) to offer exceptional performance and prevent the ingress of dangerous gasses into buildings. It is manufactured using the latest co-extrusion technology and cannot de-laminate. The product will also act as a damp-proof membrane.


The membrane is manufactured using high performance engineering polymers to give exceptional strength and does not require reinforcement. It can be installed by the use of sealing tapes or can easily be welded.



Standard roll size: 1.65m x 61m

Colour: Silver

Rhinoplast Hydrocarbon Barrier

An HDPE membrane designed to withstand the effects of fluid hydrocarbons. Tremendously strong and puncture resistant.


Colour: Black

Available in: 1mm and 1.5mm thickness

System Components

Rhinoplast LT Jointstrip

A butyl modified double sided bitumen tape, 1.5mm thick. Designed to form a gas tight gasket. Excellent adhesion and tolerance to damp and cold conditions.

Colour: Black

Available in 50mm x 15m rolls, and 100mm x 15m rolls.

Rhinoplast Reinforced Detail Strip

A butyl modified reinforced single sided bitumen tape, designed to reinforce details such as difficult folds and pre-formed cloaks. Acts as a secondary gas seal. Excellent adhesion and dimensionally stable.


Colour: Black

Available in 75mm x 15m rolls.

Rhinoplast High Tack Girth Tape


A single sided sided girth tape used to secure and protect, linear joints. Excellent adhesion, dimensionally stable and water resistant.


Colour: Black

Available in 72mm x 50m rolls

Gas Resistant Detail Strip


A tape constructed from an aluminium/polythene laminate coated on one surface and a bitumen-polymer adhesive compound. Uses include gas proofing of landfill sites, radon affected areas and redeveloped contaminated sites, water proofing foundation, basement roofs and plaza decks, lift shafts, pits, carpark decks and subways.


150mm x 20m

100mm x 20m

300mm x 20m

Preformed Cloaks and Details

A range of cloaks manufactured from gas resistant DPC  and designed to ease the installation of the system. Standard cloaks available from stock.


Bespoke service available from our in house design team.


Principal Top Hats are used around service pipe penetrations to provide an effective gas tight seal.


The base of the pre-formed unit should be sealed using Rhinoplast LT Jointstrip and overtaped at the edges with Girth Tape. A stainless steel Jubilee clip is available for the collar. Airtight seals should be formed around all service entry points.


Available Sizes

50mm, 110mm, 135mm, 160mm


Available in rigid and flexible types.


Rhinoplast Gas Retardant Co-polymer DPC

Our Gas retardant DPC is a bitumen free polymeric sheet. This DPC is designed to remain effective for the lifetime of the structure.


  • Extremely tough
  • Flexibility at low temperatures
  • Good mortar adhesion
  • no extrusion under load
  • Radon, CO2 and methane gas retardant dpc

Radon Sump Unit

The Radon care and Cavity Gas Vent System is manufactured by a rotational moulding process from heavy duty polythene. The Sump is constructed with a solid roof and base and is provided with 40mm diameter holes in the walls.


Spigots for 100mm pipe connections are provided at each end of

the sump but are blanked off with knock outs to allow choice of direction for extract pipe. The cavity gas vent comes with a detachable polyethylene cap, which can be removed if an extraction system has

to be attached.

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