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Refurbishment Rafter Tray

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There are risks associated with adding or increasing the levels of roof insulation in a cold pitched roof. This happens particularly during prolonged cold spells where high levels of condensation

build-up in attics and roof spaces can go unnoticed for long periods and be found to be causing the harmful effects of mildew, mould and timber decay.

When adding insulation from inside the roof, the Universal Rafter Tray ventilator (URT) has been designed to be fitted from inside the roof and to suit most rafter spacings. The product ensures that the ventilating air flow from eaves ventilators is maintained and not blocked by the new insulation, that could increase condensation resulting in long-term damage.

If the ventilation openings at the eaves are not present or adequate, Principal Round Soffit Ventilators can easily be fitted retrospectively into soffit boards. A 70mm hole is required to be drilled and the ventilators are then pushed fitted into place. Other alternative Principal Roof space ventilation products are also available.






• Single rafter trays are an integral part of a roof ventilation system to maintain a clear free airspace into the roof void, forming the second tier of ventilation.

• Retro fitted from inside of the roof

• Required when loft insulation is increased

• To maintain eaves to eaves and eaves to ridge cross flow ventilation

• To maintain 10,000mm²/m & 25,000mm²/m airflow

• To reduce the risk of cold bridging by enabling insulation to be laid into eaves



Product Features & Benefits


• Supplied in single tray sizes to fit between rafters

• Universal rafter centre fitting capability

• Each unit has 12,500mm² of actual airflow

• Easy to lap trays to accommodate deeper insulation

• Complies with Building Regulation Approved document C2

• Meets requirements of BS5250:2021 Management of moisture in buildings

• light and durable

• Quick and easy to install with no special tools required.





• Manufactured in Black PVC.


Product Range




Refurbishment rafter tray URT































Refurbishment rafter tray URT



Length 350mm

Width 397mm

Depth of vent channel 25mm

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