Maxi Project APAO single layer mineral overlay


Maxi project single layer mineral overlay membranes are new generation APAO membranes, specifically formulated by Sappi to provide the ideal solution for re-roofing of mineral finish roofs


MAXI Project Mineral Overlay membranes are quick and easy to apply thanks to their special APAO Bitumen compound mix. After application,

Maxi Project Mineral Overlay requires only minimal routine maintenance.

MAXI Project Mineral Overlay membranes are 4mm plus mineral for a 15 year guarantee and 5mm plus mineral for a 20 year guarantee.



“Amorphous Polly-Alpha-Olefins” , commonly known by their acronym as APAO are one of the most advanced modifiers used in the modern modified bitumen membrane industry. APAO technology combines the best characteristics of Plastomers and Elastomers in one single product (i.e: flexibility and adhesion of a good elastomer; and heat resistance, UV stability and chemical resistance of a top quality Plastomer). APAO polymers also provide the best anti-ageing properties, ensuring the longest possible life expectancy for a membrane roofing system in any weather conditions. APAO comes in different grades and types and careful blending and mixing is essential in order to obtain the desired performances and life expectancy of a bitumen compound and therefore, of a bitumen based waterproofing membrane. 50 years of experience in manufacturing bitumen membranes have enabled Sappi to create a unique APAO compound which, combined with a superior, heavy duty polyester reinforcement, makes Sappi MAXI Project one of the best quality and most versatile modified bitumen membranes on the market.


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Maxi  Project Mineral Overlay membranes are simply “built stronger to last longer” , providing the best combination in terms of reinforcement, thickness, and compound formulation. After appropriate surface preparation, Maxi Project mineral overlay can be applied directly on the old existing roof, reducing both installation time and costs. No stripping of existing roof, therefore less risk of water ingress. No risks of exposure to potential hazardous products in the old roof (e.g. Asbestos or Tar). Less materials used, therefore, reduction in manual handling costs, reduction in transportation costs to site, reduction in packaging waste.


MAXI Project Mineral Overlay membranes are available in a range of several mineral colours. User friendly:

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