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Integral waterproofer, Mortar Admix, Soudafoam, Roof & Gutter Sealant, PVA Bond, Brick and patio cleaner, mortar admix, PVA bond, General Purpose Silicone, Roof and Gutter Sealant, Expanding Foam, Grip Fill, Sentinel GRP MS Polymer Adhesive Sealant.


 General Purpose Silicone

 Roof & Gutter Sealant  


Waterproofing sealant with siliconised flexibility. Ideal for use around baths, sinks and worktops, 310ml cartridge, 25 per carton



Butyl rubber based joint sealing compound for joints up to 20mm wide and 15mm deep, 310ml cartridge, 12 per carton.



High strength gap filling and panel adhesive, 350ml cartridge, 12 per  carton. One cartridge bonds at least one 8' x 4' panel. Also used for skirting boards, stair nosings, architraves and wide range of building materials;. (Not suitable for bonding polystyrene.


Accelerator & Frost Proofer

 Integral Waterproofer   

 PVA Bond

 Brick & Patio Cleaner

 Mortar Admix

A liquid additive that provides long term water protection to mortar, concrete and rendering.

2.5 litre, 5 litre and 25 litre.



An air entraining plasticiser that replaces lime in the mix to provide a butter like consistency to the mortar and to prevent shrinkage, cracking and crazing during the setting process . 5 litre and 25 litre.


PVA Bond is a multi-purpose bonding agent, primer, sealer, cement and plaster admixture that adheres to most common building and DIY materials. Ideal for priming unsound surfaces prior to plastering or painting, as an adhesive on wood, cork, textiles and most applications where at least one surface is porous, for general dust sealing on flaking paintwork/walls etc and as a cement and plaster admixture.

Brick and patio cleaner is a powerful acid based cleaner used to remove mortar stains from brickwork etc. Also suitable for cleaning unsightly stains, algae, most paints and oils etc from patio areas.

A liquid additive formulated to accelerate hardening and setting times of mortar, concrete and rendering to provide frost protection during the setting period. 2.5 litre, and 5 litre.

Expanding Foam - Soudal Genius Gun



Gap Filler Expanding foam Genius, Trade is a

1- component, polyurethane expanding foam.


Specially designed patented trigger mechanism ensuring precise application

and removing the need for an additional gun.





- General all purpose filling of holes, gaps and joints.

- Moisture curing, self-expanding foam adhering to all common building materials, resistant to water, heat and ageing.


Sentinel MS Polymer Adhesive Sealant

The ULTIMATE performing premium quality Adhesive & Sealant based on Modified Silane Technology. Fast curing, high strength grab adhesive & sealant used for general purpose construction, Modular building applications and vertical bonding of Stone, Concrete, Wood, Brick, Glass, Mirrors, Stainless Steel, Zinc, Aluminium, Gypsum Board & most plastics. It does not shrink and is resistant to UV radiation, chlorine, mould and general weathering. Adhesion to almost all surfaces internally and externally without primer is excellent and will even bond in the wet to damp surfaces.

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