Expanded Metal Sheets

This material can be used to form a key for plaster and is ideal for suspended ceilings and partitions. The sheets are most suitable for encasing steel columns and beams in order to help their fire protection qualities. The sheets are manufactured from 26 gauge galvanised mild steel to BS2989: Grade Z2 G275, or austenitic stainless steel. Sheet size is: Galvanised: 8' x 2'2" (2438 x 685mm) Stainless Steel: 2500 x 700mm.


Size Unit


2438mm x 685mm each

Stainless Steel

2500mm x 700mm each


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This product is manufactured from similar material expanded metal lathing but is stiffened by the longitudinal ribs. It is ideal for suspended ceilings and partitions and is extensively used in external rendering. Support centres can be widened using Riblath and sheets can be held together with tying wire. Sheet size is 2500 x 600mm, 0.4mm gauge. The product is manufactured in galvanised steel to BS2989 grade Z2, G275 and stainless steel.
Description Size Galvanised Stainless Steel 2500mm x 600mm 2500mm x 600mm Unit sheet sheet

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