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 A new torch-on single layer mineral overlay membrane solution that embodies nature itself in offering significant help in fighting CO₂ pollution through an amazing 100% naturally occurring and environmentally safe mineral called Olivine rock. The Olivine mineral granules form the finishing layer to a high-performance (APAO) modified bitumen roofing membrane and when in contact with rainwater, Olivine's natural silicate granules neutralise CO₂ by an irreversible chemical action, known as enhanced rock weathering, that releases harmless magnesium, bicarbonate, silicon dioxide and water which renders the greenhouse gas chemically inert. Key Features Suitable for new and refurbishment applications on metal, concrete, or plywood decks. A typical m² of roof covering can neutralise 1.75kg of CO₂ Can work towards the UK governments carbon Net Zero initiative target for 2050. High anti-aging capacity with 20-year guarantee Waterproofing membrane is 100% recyclable

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