Bullet Roof Liquid Rubber Roofing System.

Bullet Roof Mono employs advanced polyurethane technology which allows you as the contractor to use just one system for almost every flat roofing application including new build and the refurbishment of sound existing membranes without the need to strip. Bullet Roof Mono can be used to refurbish lead gutters and flashings, cast iron gutters, finlock and concrete gutters.


The Bullet Roof system can be used to create attractive hard-wearing balconies as well as walkways and general demarcation of areas such  as escape routes and muster points.


Bullet Roof liquid resins can be applied with any solvent resistant roller or brush. The products are easily applied by trowel, float or squeegee. Outside temperatures affect the viscosity of Pu resin. In colder temperatures the resin will be stiffer and in warmer temperatures viscosity may decrease leading to greater fluidity.


As from 24 August 2023 adequate training is

required for some of these products before industrial or professional use under new REACH regulations.


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Bullet Roof Quick Prime

Bullet Roof Mono

Bullet Roof Epoxy Primer AC





Part A - 10kg      Part A: 3.9




Part B - 2.5kg     Part B: 0.9

Bullet Roof Mono comes from years of development in professional grade liquid membranes. This new Technology now allows for the quickest and simplest installation we believe is currently available, saving you time, and money.

Developed to meet the demand for

a quicker yet still penetrating single pack primer. Whilst most other single pack Pu primers available to professional roofers are tack free in times from 2hrs our Bullet Roof Quick Prime is ready to be over-coated in times from just 10 minutes!


Consumption rate: 150g/m2

With excellent anti-corrosion properties this primer is the perfect choice for steel and iron gutters or any other steel/iron surface. This high penetration primer is a 2 component epoxy based primer with a long over-coating window of up to 15 days meaning large areas can be treated without having to re-prime. Touch dry in 8hrs and can be over-coated in 24hrs*. Other surfaces that can be primed using Bullet Roof ® Epoxy Primer AC include glass, ceramics, tiles, clay tiles, concrete, fibreglass, plastic, PVC and concrete.

Bullet Roof DPM Primer

Bullet Roof Mono Top

Single Ply Primer


Sizes: Part A

            Part B


Part A

Part B






One Component Flexible Polyurethane Primer


• Applicable on concrete, metal, wood, asphalt, ceramic, PVC, EDPM


• Elongation rate of 35%.


• Variety options in use for over application.


• Low VOC content.


• Application temperature from +5°C.


• Operating temperature from -30°C to +90°C

This unique product enables damp, moist and green concrete to be primed at surface temperatures of +5 degrees and rising saving large amounts of down time. It cures rapidly to from a DPM or damp proof membrane. The product is virtually VOC free and water based meaning it can be used internally and in confined areas without the danger of being overcome by the fumes that are associated with traditional priming products.

Bullet Roof Mono Top is an exceptionally tough protection coat which can be used to provide wear and abrasion resistance, and to create anti slip surfaces when used in conjunction with a quartz aggregate. Mono Top can withstand heavy pedestrian foot traffic and also vehicle traffic. Being fully aliphatic, it also has very high UV resistance. Mono top can also be used to further extend the service life of the Bullet Roof Mono system in excess of 35+ years in normal use. This enables the Bullet Roof Mono system to be used in applications of extreme wear and abrasion such as balconies and car parks.

Mega Mastic

Rainstop Waterproofing

Bullet Roof Reinforcement Tape






100mm x 10m


A go to classic repair liquid which has proven itself worthy of becoming a must have for any professional in the business of carrying out emergency repairs or requiring an economical roof covering that can be applied in one coat, even in our UK weather. With the ability to bridge cracks, bond to almost anything without a primer, be used in damp, even rainy conditions.

Mega Mastic is high performance sealant and adhesive specifically formulated with the roofing contractor in mind. Being able to bond almost any surface makes it must have for almost any repair. With Mega Mastic you can bond, seal or fill ; lead, slate, tile, masonry, PVC-U, fibre glass, plastisol coated steel, polycarbonate sheet, polyester, aluminium, steel, zinc, copper,

stainless steel, felt, asphalt, concrete and timber.

100mm x 5m

Bullet Roof Self Adhesive Reinforcement

Tape. Compatible with Mono and Rapid

Range system.

Use to reinforce:


• Gaps

• Laps

• Seams

• Joints

Bullet Mat

Chopped Strand Reinforcement










Bullet Roof Glass Fibre Reinforcement.


BBA Certification applies to

Bullet Mat 225 only (225gsm)

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