Bitumen Compounds

Our Range of Bitumen Compounds

Roofing Felt Adhesive

A cold applied bitumen adhesive suitable for all types of felt. Also used

as a lapping adhesive.

Aluminium Solar Reflective Paint

Gives a solar reflective finish over bituminous coatings and primed steel. Used in place of chippings, damage to membranes is easily seen and can be repaired before damage to decking occurs.

All Weather Roofing Compound

A heavy roof coating for use on various buildings, producing a highly efficient waterproof membrane. Ideal for repairs to flat roofs, this product can be used with a suitable scrim to form a long lasting weather coating.

Rubber Bitumen Emulsion

A cold applied latex rubber bitumen emulsion for roofing and damp proofing. Gives excellent elasticity and can be applied to damp surfaces. Extensively used as a liquid DPM.

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Roofing Felt Adhesive

Aluminium Solar Reflective Paint

All Weather Roofing Compound

General Purpose Primer

Black Bitumen Paint

Rubberised Bitumen Emulsion

Liquid Asphaltic Compound

Linked Products

Traditional Roofing Felt

Dedicated To Supporting Builder's Merchants

General Purpose Primer

Used prior to the application of flashing tape, self adhesive DPM etc.

Black Bitumen Paint

A waterproofing protective coating designed to reduce decay, type 2, BS3416

Acrylic Roof Coating

A high performance, gap bridging roof coating which allows trapped

moisture to evaporate.

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